The Importance of Properly Irrigating New Landscaping

New Construction Landscape install.

Plantings, sod and hardscape are the finishing touches for any new construction home.

Irrigation should optimally be installed prior to planting and installation of sod.  Hardscape (ie. pavers) can be installed prior to irrigation however, it is extremely important to place a minimum of 2″ diameter pipe in various places to allow the irrigation lines to be installed after hardscape installation.

A  3/4″ to 1″ diameter pipe should be installed to allow for electrical to be put in around the pavers. It is easy enough to remove pavers and dig down, but why? If you take the time to lay out the irrigation ahead of the paver install, sleeves can be installed in many areas and be buried below the paver base. If irrigation is not installed ahead of the landscape install, there are hose bib timers with as many as 4 ports which allow up to 4 separate irrigation runs with set time on each zone. The hoses may be unsightly, but it is very important to properly irrigate, especially new plantings.

Recently we installed the landscaping in the photo and had to run 6 zones of irrigation. We did this by utilizing 2 hose bibs on the exterior of the house using a 2-port and 4-port timer, 3 soaker hose zones for the beds and 3 sprinkler zones for the sod. In extreme heat, freshly installed sod should be watered 3 times a day for 15-20 minutes each time. You want the sod to have a spongy feel to it but do not want to squeeze water out of it while walking on it. Beds on soaker hose should be watered 3 times per day for 30-45 minutes each time. HAPPY PLANTING!!